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RFIDwiresealES203C Productsize:asshown Physicalcharacteristics:l Lockbody:ABSengineeringplasticl Lockbodyparts:aluminumalloymaterial,easytorecycleandreusel Wirerope:7x7structuralaviationwirerope,diame

Key words:

container seal



Product Description

RFID wire seal ES203C


Product size: as shown


Physical characteristics:

Lock body: ABS engineering plastic

Lock body parts: aluminum alloy material, easy to recycle and reuse

Wire rope: 7x7 structural aviation wire rope, diameter 1.8mm, tensile strength is about 1300N

Tensioned structure, easy to operate, easy to use, and safer.

Laser marking

Opening method: cutting the wire rope with special wire cutters


custom made:

Use laser marking to print customer name, logo, serial number, 1D and 2D barcodes on the lock housing

Standard wire rope length (exposed) 300mm, and can be customized according to customer requirements

Lock body color: blue, red, green, yellow, orange, etc., and can customize other colors

RFID tags can be selected according to customer needs



Various standard containers, trailers, trucks, tank trucks, oil conservator, pipelines, railway train containers, etc. and are suitable for RFID IoT systems under big data.


Introduction of new RFID electronic blocking performance and advantages

High security and high security products, the chip contains the world's only radio frequency identification ID, multiple data encryption control, high technical content, can not be copied, forged;

Electronic blockade can replace traditional blockade, electronic lock and mechanical lock double lock, metal production, high strength.

Application of electronic blockade can improve customs clearance efficiency, save customs clearance time and save more manpower;

It can be used in conjunction with the back-end system to greatly improve management and double lock, and realize the supervision and management of the electronic and informationization of the blockade;

To achieve low cost and high efficiency, it can effectively eliminate damage caused by damage and forgery, and safeguard national property security;

The electronic blocking label frequency is 860MHz-960MHz, and it can be applied in different countries.

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