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Intelligent tracking solution

Shenyang yaofushi blockade Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of intelligent lock products, which can meet the operation needs of transportation, logistics, oil, security industry, private organizations and government departments. We have successfully combined GPS and advanced wireless communication technology to produce high security intelligent lock. This smart lock can communicate with GSM, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC and rich user web platform, and send you accurate tracking information, lock status and real-time warning alarm according to your predefined events.

Each smart lock is a robust high security lock designed for outdoor operation. It has a built-in high-performance battery to provide the necessary power for locking operation without external battery or power supply.

Field of use

Intelligent logistics lock is widely used in transportation, logistics, oil, security industry, private organizations and government departments and other fields.

Specification parameters

Product information

A lock and accessories (a sealing card, an unsealing card, USB charging line, American regulation charger) are placed in foam cotton, and then put into an individually packed carton (size: 30.5*13*7cm).
Support OEM, ODM, products can be customized.


Platform information

The platform supports real-time tracking, positioning, electronic fence, historical track playback and other functions, which can be integrated into the third-party platform through API or protocol.

About us

Questions & Answers
Q: How can I get samples?

A: if you need to order samples for inspection, we would like to ask you to pay for the samples. We will send you samples only after receiving payment.
Q: what is the express freight for the sample?
A: the freight rate of express delivery depends on the quantity, weight and carton size and your area.
Q: How to get your price list?
A: please leave your contact information. We will contact you and send you the quotation.
Q: Can we print our logo or company name on your product or package?
A: Yes. Logo can be printed on our products by screen printing. The minimum number of screen printing is 100.
Q: what is your usual order payment method?
A:  we accept Alipay, WeChat and bank accounts.
Q: how long is your product warranty?
A: a year.
Q: How to contact you?
A: Shenyang yaofushi blockade Co., Ltd
Address: No.8, 26 Road, economic and Technological Development Zone (South District), Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Tel. + 86-24-89254116 + 86-24-8925417 Fax: + 86-24-89254115

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