RFID Pig/Cattle/Goat Animal Ear Tag

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RFID Pig/Cattle/Goat Animal Ear Tag

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RFID Ear Tag


1. Animal ear tag is used for the livestock breeding to identify the bloodlines , birth date, vaccination and the others

    necessary criteria for all the raising animals. It will be better to reduce labor management costs;

2. the use of anti-off standard design, drop rate is low;

3. the use PE/ TPU material, With cold, freeze-resistant, heat and other excellent features, Widely applicable to a variety of harsh farming environment; 

4. the use of advanced injection molding process, Products with no cracking, long life and other characteristics;

RFID Animal Ear Tag




· Main tag: 30×23 mm
· Sub tag: 55.6×45 mm




· Material:  PE/ TPU 
· Frequency:  UHF/ HF/ LF
· Reading Range:  2~3 M (Depend on the reader)
· Weight: about 7 g
· Temperapure: -20℃- 70℃
· Agreement:ISO 18000-6C/EPC




· EPC storage area:  EPC 96 bits;               User area 512 bits; TID area 64 bits
· Packaging technology: 

   Fully hermetic package

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